These are current popular and seasonal projects we wish to showcase for you.


If you live in the hot and  humid south, you know that pools offer just the reward you need after a long day at work. In addition, pools offer fun and making fond memories with family and friends, and a place to relax. Pools contribute to better health when you swim often. Surround your pool with relaxing scenes and scapes that contribute to your better health and well being. Another great benefit to owning a pool is the increase on your property’s worth.



Synthetic turf offers immediate impact and can be used in interesting ways. Its cost is reasonable and looks good all year round. Many people don’t have patience to watch landscaping plans come to fruition. This is especially true with lawn grass. Synthetic turf is a great alternative. See it right away as soon as its laid. When the grass looks great, it’s easier to visualize other landscaping features around it.

Want an original look for your home? Consider synthetic grass on walls, tables, or in interesting artwork pieces and shapes. Think of it as a tool to use to make your dreams come to life. It can be easily cut into shape and will stick to most surfaces. The possibilities are endless. Get that finished result that looks tremendous all year round with affordable synthetic grass.



Xeriscapes save water because they use drought resistant plants. They also require less maintenance. Outside of a little weeding and pruning, xeriscapes require only simple irrigation systems that can provide water. No fertilization or pesticides are needed. You can use plants that are native to our area and eliminate chemical supplements.

Xeriscapes can also improve property value as the cost of the process outweighs the increase in property value. Eliminate the use of fossil fuels needed to mow lawns around xeriscapes. It’s free of pollution and provides a natural habitat for wildlife.

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