Water Drainage Issue Solutions in Georgia

Although wetlands across Georgia are home to beautiful and diverse wildlife, most of us prefer to keep the swamp out of our backyards. After a heavy rainstorm, no one wants a lawn covered in puddles or a garden full of drowned plants. Without a proper water drainage system to remove excess water, flooding can also cause expensive damage to the home. Fortunately, there are many options available for collecting water and channeling it to appropriate outlets.

Drainage Solutions Georgia
Drainage Solutions

One way to manage flooding is by installing an underground drainpipe and connecting it to one or more of your home’s downspouts. Downspouts direct rainwater from your roof’s gutters to the ground. Connecting a downspout to an underground drainpipe will transport water away from your house and to the street, where it can enter your local sewage system. There are various options available to catch debris before it enters the drainpipe.

A way to manage flooding without redirecting water into the street is with a French drain. A French drain will collect excess water and send it into a perforated pipe underground. Rather than pooling beside your house, the water will slowly leach out of the pipe and into the ground.  Similarly, a flow well is a plastic container buried in the landscape that collects water and slowly releases it into the subsoil.

Installing a good drainage system is usually much less costly than dealing with mold and water damage caused by flooding. Avoid living in a swamp—contact S & J Scapes for an estimate or an opinion on the best way to deal with your drainage problems.

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